Both in private and professional life litigation may be costly, unpleasant and may cause a lot of emotions and stress for both parties – thus a policy of amicable negotiations in order to avoid litigation should be implemented. However it is not always a case.

Litigation is a form of an inevitable clash of arguments of opposite parties in the event the negotiation proves to be ineffective (or because of some reasons there is no opportunity to conduct such).

The Partners possess extended experience in the scope of conducting in-court disputes – in particular in the scope of the main branches of specialization of the Office, such as copyrights or personal rights. We as well support litigation concerning other branches of law.

Our services cover not only professional conduct of the in-court disputes, but as well reliable analysis, including results, evaluation of each possible solution and selected strategies and their economic profitability. We advise the Client on each stage of the litigation proceedings from the economic as well as formal and legal point of view. We always try to offer available forms of security in the proceeding, to secure the Client’s interest in a comprehensive way.

Litigation in the scope of intellectual property, protection of personal rights and renown – constitutes all main aspects of specialization of the Partners, and consequences in the numbers of the disputes conducted in this scope. Court representation covers not only the conduct of the civil disputes, but also, if necessary according to the best interest of the Client – criminal trials. In the scope of the main specialization of the Office, we possess experience in, among others; conducting litigation concerning issues of copyrights, trademarks, rights to the name of the company, dispute of Internet domains, cases regarding infringement of personal rights and criminal cases of slander or insult.

Our experience includes conducting legal in-court disputes in many branches of law, among others:

- investment and construction process (disputes with investors, designers and building companies);
- damages or compensation proceedings;
- comprehensive services regarding preventing enforcement procedures by the debtor (among others fraudulent lawsuits and criminal proceedings in this scope);
- enforcement proceedings, including adverse claims;
- proceedings regarding real estate (our experience includes representation in administrative proceedings and proceedings taking place before administrative courts);
- employee issues.

We have gained experience in conducting criminal cases concerning economic crimes. We provide services in the arbitration proceedings as well.

Considering the construction of the court proceeding and the significance of the proceeding before the court of first instance, we offer comprehensive service, including representation in pre-litigation stages or from the very beginning of the proceeding. In the scope of the Client’s needs, we are willing to assess and accept the case on the stage of the appeal proceeding (or even cassation proceeding).

In the scope of litigation we offer:

  • comprehensive assessment of presented cases and selection of the most effective legal means depending on the needs of the Client;
  • representation of the Client in civil litigation;
  • representation of the Client in criminal trials;
  • representation of the Client before administrative authorities or administrative courts in administrative litigation;
  • representation of the Client in enforcement proceedings;
  • representation of the Client in bankruptcy proceedings.