Privacy policy

The Website uses so called cookies, IT/ electronic data in particular text files saved by a Server on the final device of the user, which may be read by the Server during each and every connection.

The software that is used to view the websites (Web browser) implicitly allows storage of cookie files in the final device. The Users may at any time change the settings regarding cookie files, in the “settings” of their web browser. That will inform the user about each and every placement of those cookies in the device of the user of a website. As a result the user may suffer obstacles that may influence the usage of the services provided throughout the website.

Detailed information of usage of cookies is available in the „settings” of your Web browser.

Most cookies are called session cookies, which are automatically deleted from the hard driver of the computer right after the session is finished, that is after the user logs off or the Web browser is closed. Some of the cookie files allow to identify the user while ones for subsequent log on are those which are not deleted from the computer automatically.

The Website uses cookies exclusively for informational purposes and to make using the website more efficient and to better facilitate the outlook of the website and to gather anonymous, aggregated statistics on how users use the website in order to improve the functionality and content of the website.

Using cookies will not identify the identity of the users by the information stored in cookies.

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