Comprehensive legal support


Besides providing legal services in the area of our specialization we offer as well comprehensive legal support for entrepreneurs and other entities.

Enterprise support – we offer comprehensive services that cover creation, registration and transformation of the company and other entities. We also support the lawful organization of our client’s branches such as other companies, associations and foundations.

Current consultancy – in the scope of the services provided we help solve currently arising legal issues in the regular course of business of our Clients.

Participation in negotiation, preparation and consultancy of the drafts of contracts – comprehensive analysis of any possible legal risk connected with the contracts to be concluded allows to minimize subsequent business and legal risk, and as well to plan, if necessary, litigation strategies.

Legal support in the scope of Labor Law – the provisions of the Labor Law belong to the group of provisions causing the employers numerous problems and doubts. The severity of this regulation in connection with the need of its constant use in the regular course of business leads to numerous mistakes committed by employers. We help employers in comforting their activity to the requirements of widely understood Labor Law, the arising employee issues and any in court disputes which could arise.

Enforcement – not every litigation is a complicated one, in which opposite arguments clash. Absolute majority of civil litigation is constituted in the request for payment cases, in which the debtor refuses to pay without providing any reasons, and hopes for the passivity or helplessness of the creditor. We help our Clients to enforce payments concerning their activity.

In the scope of day-to-day legal support we offer:

  • support in creation, registration, transformation and liquidation of companies, associations and foundations – preparation of the necessary documents, organization of activities, representation in registration proceedings and before administrative authorities;
  • inner enterprises, associations and foundations – internal organ services (management boards, supervisory boards, auditor’s committees, meetings and assemblies), preparation of drafts of the resolutions and other documents, and as well the participation in proceedings to appeal against it;
  • current consultancy – preparation of legal consultancy and standpoints concerning currently arising legal problems;
  • participation and representation in negotiations;
  • preparation of drafts of contracts and legal assessment of drafts of the contracts prepared by the business partners;
  • legal services in the scope of the Labor Law – consultancy on the implemented solutions, preparation of the drafts of the inner documents in the scope of the Labor Law, representation for in-court litigation;
  • enforcement – services concerning support in pre-litigation negotiation, representation in the in-court litigation and enforcement proceeding, and representation in proceedings supporting enforcement as well – among others: fraudulent conveyance lawsuits, criminal and bankruptcy proceedings.