Personal rights, reputation and unfair competition


Economic development consequences increase in significance to intangible assets – it influences not only copyrights or industrial property rights but also more subtle conceptions.

For many entrepreneurs a good name and positive opinions about their provided services or products constitute the main assets of their business. Meanwhile those are the values that may be destroyed more easily than any others – especially with the use of new technologies. Implementation of the Internet, untrue opinion and criticism about the service (for instance a doctor) may discourage many potential clients from visiting him, causing significant damages.

Our Law Office specializes in all matters concerning issues of protecting a name and preventing manifestations of unfair competition.

Personal rights are one of the traditional values protected by the provisions of civil law, however the concept of protection is the subject of constant transformation. On one hand the jurisdiction provides wide protection for new types of right, however on the on the other hand – the developing technology creates new threats.  For instance – popularization of devices such as the digital video camera and the easiness of distribution of pictures through social media, video and music recording provide possibilities to infringe the privacy right. Personal rights are strongly connected with issues of protecting personal data – relatively recently implemented to our legal system and causes for numerous problems.

Our knowledge extends our experience to provide services for both legal entities and natural persons, concerning infringement of personal right with the use of traditional and digital mediums, and the infringement of personal rights committed in other manners – for instance in the scope of more and more popular issues of infringing on employee’s rights (or allegations of infringement).

Within the practice of the Office we distinguish the issues connected with the protection of the entrepreneur reputation. Reputation possess a huge value, however is vulnerable to actions of third persons – starting with a disclose of untrue opinions by persons taking advantage of illusory anonymity on the Internet, ending with counterfeiting of products.

In the scope of protection of good name and reputation of entrepreneurs we offer comprehensive legal services based on different branches of law – both in the protection of personal rights, unfair competition law as well as copyrights, industrial property law and criminal law.

Issue of unfair competition – this issue is partially connected with the issue of the protection of personal rights and reputation, however in substantial scope extends its framework. Industrial espionage, dishonest „purchasing” of employees or clients constitutes everyday life of entrepreneurs. Our Law Office offers solutions allowing protection against such conduct or – if it already took place – to minimize negative consequences.

In all of the above mentioned described branches, we offer comprehensive support covering consultancy, preparation of the draft of the contract and other documents, participation in negotiations, and conduct of in-court proceedings – both civil and criminal (aimed at identifying the perpetrator of the infringements, remedying the effects of infringement and obtaining proper damages or compensation).

In the scope of personal rights, reputation and unfair competition we offer:

  • comprehensive consultancy – in the scope of preventing unfair activities of third parties, as well as conformity assessment of activities undertaken by the Client with standards stipulated by the provisions of law;
  • preparation and assessment of the drafts of contracts in accordance with personal rights and unfair competition;
  • negotiations;
  • conduct of in-court litigation concerning personal rights, protection of good name and unfair competition;
  • services connected to administrative proceedings including administrative court litigation regarding protection of personal data;
  • conducting criminal proceedings concerning infringement of personal rights, the good name and combating unfair competition.