Intellectual property


The main aspect of interest of the Partners of the Office remains a widely understood issue of intellectual property – including copyrights and neighboring rights, industrial property, as well as collateral and supporting issues of the aforementioned.

Copyrights are not only – nowadays not even primarily – problems of the authors, those are the substantial elements of almost each activity. Infringements of copyrights are characterized by their economic nature – starting with the copying of text to disputes regarding illustrations on the packaging of a product.

In the scope of the copyright, our experience covers both traditional issues, such as protection of the work itself, proprietary photography and issues regarding computer software or copyright aspects of using the Internet.

The experience we have gained in this field provides firm legal support for our clients who include: photo and commercial agencies, jewelry and clothing manufacturers, telecommunication entrepreneurs, provider of mobile apps, publishers, programmers, authors of websites, author associations and many others.

Intellectual property – the awareness of the need for protecting intangible achievement of the enterprise is becoming more common – even small entrepreneurs are starting to understand and better appreciate the need to register the trade mark or industrial design. The entrepreneurs more often take actions to protect their rights in case of infringement. A conflict between a right to the trademark and the right to the company name or name of the Internet domain poses a problem, which not only big companies come across, but middle and small entrepreneurs as well. Booming interest of Polish companies in the regulations of the common European patent proves that entrepreneurs appreciate the importance of Industrial Property Rights and analyze its influence of the business.

We offer services regarding protection of trademarks, industrial designs, patents or utility patterns. We have gained experience providing legal services for clients form different branches of business:   telecommunication entrepreneurs, providers of mobile apps, photo agencies, insurance companies, food companies.

Both in the scope of the copyrights and industrial property, we offer comprehensive services covering consultancy (current and strategic), participation in negotiations and preparation of contract drafting, support and conduct of litigation.

In the scope of intellectual property rights we offer:

  • consultancy regarding intellectual property rights and industrial property rights;
  • preparation and legal assessment of contract drafts;
  • negotiations concerning intellectual property rights;
  • conduct of the disputes concerning intellectual property rights and industrial property rights;
  • conduct of criminal cases concerning infringement of intellectual property rights and industrial property rights;
  • conduct of disputes concerning rights to Internet domains.